It’s at the root of what drives our business, isn’t it? Making connections across the economical surface of our community is critical to success, because it opens resources, provides new insight and creates a buzz about what you do every day.

The Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce provides the best opportunities to network with business leaders and community rockstars from companies of all sizes and abilities. Our regular events like the Business Breakfast and Business After Hours provide a laid back yet educational environment to mingle and share ideas.

Publicity and Exposure

We are PROUD of our membership, and we love to shout it from the rooftops!

The Chamber doesn’t only exist for your personal and business growth, but we are also here to serve you in a public relations way, too. We use all of our available resources to create a buzz around your exciting news. From ground-breaking to ribbon-cutting and beyond, we’re right here with you for the journey!

Here are just a few of our tools:

Chamber website: Our website is the go-to site for Jackson area business development, and our comprehensive Member Directory serves the community with easy access to your business information. We even empower you to create your own profile on the site!

Chamber Connection newsletter: our weekly and monthly electronic newsletters provide updates on our events, member news, employment opportunities and beyond, including business spotlights and areas for you to advertise through sponsorship. The newsletter is also distributed in print through the Cash Book Journal.

Events: Ribbon cuttings, ground-breakings, and sponsorship opportunities through the Annual Banquet & Installation, Annual Golf Classic, Business Breakfasts and Business After Hours give you a great way to put your business in the spotlight. Your fellow Chamber members will stand beside you and cheer you on, but more importantly, they’ll go back and talk about their experience at your place of business. Word of mouth goes a long way!

Press and Media: Through press releases and media conversations, we’re able to keep the community abreast of the latest happenings within the Chamber. Our wonderful partnerships have given us some great insight into providing our members with the best opportunities to be promoted in the best light.

Professional Development

We believe that we can all grow, and we want to present you with opportunities to expand your horizons through the Chamber.

The Jackson Leadership & Development program, sponsored by GlennView Strategies, provides an excellent, seven month-long leadership journey that focuses on developing leaders internally as well as enhancing their external knowledge of the area. Learn more about this program here.

Our Business Leadership Series, sponsored by The Bank of Missouri, is a complimentary program offered quarterly, to inform businessmen and women to educate them on the issues that are important for their business to succeed and grow. Learn more about this program here.

These enriching programs, along with our regular Business Breakfast and After Hours events, help to provide a well-rounded Chamber experience that will become a worthy investment for you and your business.

Chamber Board Room Meeting Space

Our Chamber office, located in the heart of Jackson, offers a great place for meetings, planning groups and general get-togethers. Our board room features audio/video set up, convenient rest rooms and easy access, as well as a several tables for variable layout options and ample seating.

This conference room has been the starting point for many great ideas. Why not start yours here? If you’re interested, contact us!

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