JIDC Industrial Park – Hwy PP, Jackson, MO

This is an aerial overview of the industrial park looking south.  Our two industrial plants in the park can be seen at the upper right of the picture. 

The City of Jackson Soccer park can be seen to the left of this picture.

High Resolution images are available as requested.

Our industrial park currently has the following utilities available:

  • 12.47 kv Electric, City of Jackson
  • 8″ Domestic Water, City of Jackson
  • 8″ Sanitary Sewer, City of Jackson
  • Natural Gas, Liberty Utilities
  • Telephone, AT&T
  • Full Site Stormwater Detention

This photo, looking west, shows the entire Industrial Park.  The large parking lot is for the City of Jackson’s Soccer Park.  The detention basin, shown at the right is sized for the entire JIDC site.  No stormwater fees are required for this site.

B&B Door’s 22,000 sq ft building can be seen at the top of the picture.

American Railcar Industries, Inc is our recent addition to the park. (not shown)

Industrial sites are available for 10,000 to 100,000 sq ft buildings.  The JIDC will work with any size industry considering locating in Jackson Missouri.  We currently have 14 acres available in our Industrial Park.  We also have additional acreage available.

For more information, please contact  director@jacksonmochamber.org
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